Can you bill Medicare for home care while receiving outpatient cardiac rehab?


Homecare worker here. We had a question come up recently about our PT seeing a patient for hip pain while the patient goes to outpatient cardiac rehab. We do not offer cardiac rehab as one of our services, and patient is definitely homebound. I always thought you could not bill Medicare for homecare PT and outpatient PT at the same time, that it would be considered duplication of therapy. My co-worker says she thinks it's ok because they are not working on the same things (cardiac rehab and hip pain). Anyone know what the answer might be? I've tried looking at CMS website but that is not very helpful. :) Thanks in advance!

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It's ok for a Home Care patient to go to out patient cardiac rehab as Medicare gives an allowance there as long as the patient goes out to a doctor's appt or such and the patient can  still be considered home bound.
Home care worker- ask your billing department. Cardiac rehab can be weeks or even months. I too thought you can't bill for both.
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I'll answer to keep your question more visible.
If the patient is home bound how is she getting outpatient cardiac treatment? How long will that last? Could she get both in outpatient clinic while she needs cardiac and then switch to home pt when she finishes at outpatient? Hopefully someone will see your question who has had the experience. Let us know how it works out.
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