I received a bill for my grandmother's stay in the nursing home but I still don't have the guardianship just yet. Yesterday I signed the paperwork to be presented to the judge. The bad part, she's on vacation at the moment and to that I'm still paying my grandmother's bills on top of my own bills. What should I do before the guardianship is granted to me? Should Medicaid be contacted?? I know I will I have to call the nursing home tomorrow. I have been communicating with them too. I wish this would get easier.

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When we rec'd bills from the nursing home we did not pay them out of our income, we paid them out of MIL's account and that is what is needed here, I don't think you should be paying her bills.
Until the court date I don't think there is much you can do.
Did she not have a DPOA in place?
Is your Grandmother already on Medicaid?
I'd try and work with the nursing home and see what solutions can be attained.
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Coneal7876 Sep 13, 2018
she did not have a dpoa or a poa when the will was rewritten for me after my mom passed in 2012. I called the nursing home this morning and left them a message they did not get back to me today but im sure they know that I am working on the guardianship I have shown the admissions director the two outta four bank statements that my grandmother has the other two I need to get to in person once the guardianship is granted which is wells fargo and pnc when I go next week I will talk with the billing person about this the only reason for paying her bills at the moment especially electricity is being I need light when im there to clean but a majority of stuff will be cut off once I get the guardianship
Ugh. It’s always something, isn’t it. Absolutely call the NH and ask to speak to the financial officer. If you plead your case, they’ll cut you some slack. Hang in there!
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Coneal7876 Sep 12, 2018
I believe I spoke to the person when I was there Tuesday I even showed a copy of the papers I signed with the lawyer yesterday that its almost done and ready soon. Im suppose to go in front of the judge next month plus they have to send a attorney to see my grandmother while I wait for the judge to return. I cant do anything until those papers are in my hand I need to get into two remaining banks cant even sell the cars without it.
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