Hey, This is worried wife.. My husband is 66 and is in stage 1. We knew last year he probably had AD because his personalty changed for the worse. He was MEAN. We just stayed pretty calm, now only gets frustrated when he cannot accomplish things he use to. He also is Bi Polar. This is under control. He now has no energy, gets tired very easy and is quite most of the time. My question is he has done really good for the past week and a half. Laughing and talking. This is good, but it scares me. I want this to last but just how long will it last? Thanks. Worried Wife

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The fact that he is bi-polar certainly complicates the issue. That said, enjoy the good times, as he will, with AD, be unpredictable. Every day is different and there's no way to tell what he'll be like from day to day, or even moment to moment.

If he is really lethargic, he may be in the depressive stage of bi-polar or it could be his AD meds. If he's doing well, however, as he was when you wrote, that's good. When I say don't expect it to last, I just mean you have to be realistic. Enjoy this time, but know things will be up and down.

Keep in touch with the doctors, and keep in touch here for support.

Take care,
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