Hi there, I am a caregiver for both of my elderly parents and a medical transcription and coding student. My mom recently broke her leg and is in a rehab facility.My dad is also having some problems with dizziness and going to the restroom. He has an appointment with the doctor about it next week. He is 84 and my mother is 75.

I also have had some harassment from that has caused me some problems with some tickets and am on unemployment, so I am having some financial problems and unable to pay my insurance or transport my parents to their doctors appointments. We also have some rude and noisy neighbors that have made it difficult for me to concentrate on school and have slowed me down and added to my already hight stress level. I am also having some menopausal symptoms. Since I am low on money and friends right now, I could use any help or suggestions I can get. Thank you!

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Pray , pray , pray !!!! I took care of both my parents through their illnesses
( both at the same time ) and it definitely isn't easy ! If you don't have a relationship with the Lord this would be a good time to start one .He'll put people in your path to help you that you wouldn't even think to ask of.

God bless
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Sorry that you have so many challenges in your life at one time, mslisadoll. One thing that comes to mind is that sometimes the best place to study is on campus in a lounge or empty room. Other times, studying in a park has worked for me. If you can do that, it may cut down on the noisy neighborhood interruptions you experience at home. If nothing else, find a public library near your school or home. Try studying there in some corner, maybe?

If you can stand it, and feel your Mom is receiving good care in her rehab facility, maybe cut back your number of visits to see her to twice weekly, or ask someone else in your family to do the honors of more frequent visits to your Mom while she is in rehab?

Not sure I understand what you are saying about being harassed in some way regarding some tickets.

I admire anyone who, like you, is trying to continue your education in order to do better in your life, and, as someone else said, that is a hard thing to do. I agree that eventually it does pay off and get better for those who persevere.

Hope you can find another job soon, even part-time until you can find a full-time position. It's great that you're sharing. That sometimes helps alleviate some of the stress one feels.

Any senior ride program in your area? They take seniors to medical appointments if booked in advance. The waiting times can be long for pick-up, but it is worth knowing that your Dad can make it to his doctor's appointment. If nothing else, and your Dad is able to afford it, taking a cab to the appointment is a last resort. Before that, I would ask a friend if they would be willing to give Dad and you a ride to the doctor's office.

Good luck!
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I wish I help with suggestions - I am very stressed, too - and taking walks only gives me time to think about how stressed I am! Just knowing that there are a lot of people in similar situations - and getting on this site to vent - does help a lot.

Maybe call the health department about your parent's inability to get transportation. Sometimes they either know how to make arrangements or can tell you how to get services. In my town there is a senior citizens center. They have a lot of information about how to get elder care... Hope this helps!

Give yourself a hug - you are doing the right things - and while it may seem extremely tough right now - once you finish your schooling things will get better!
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It sounds to me like you are buried in life stresses just now. If you can drop any thing do so. If you can get help anywhere from friends or family or through social services do so for yourself. If you burn yourself out you won't be able to help anyone else and then you all suffer. You should not have to go through with all this alone. Know you are not alone here. Many people are going through tough times that have common threads to what you are experiencing. try to tale care of your self and get as much rest as you can. See if there are elderly services in your area that can help you in any way before you hit the breaking point. My thoughts are with you.
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It sounds as if you are EXTREMELY overloaded! You must take time for the airlines tell us everytime we fly "you must first put your oxygen mask on before you can help others".....Take time out to go for a walk, order take-out, go to a movie, have a girls night out even if it's just a change of scenery, it will do you good. Take a deep breath and know that "this too, shall pass".
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