My Mother doesn't own her house outright, she has a mortgage on it. Also, she borrowed money for her hearing aids and has yet to pay for her burial items. She is going into a SNHF for PT and OT soon (paid by insurance) to work on her independence (she is a newly AK amputee at 83). If she cannot work up to assisted living status she will need to stay long term at the SNHF (private pay). She won't be able to pay more than 2 months with her savings, but if we sell her house she could pay a little longer, then need Medicaid. I'm not sure whether to go ahead and put her house on the market, or wait until she is broke, and we are applying for Medicaid. I'm assuming Medicaid will tell her to sell the house in order to be eligible. Can anyone help me with information please? thanks

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Too many IF's right now to make a decision. Let PT-OT work with her, talk to them directly once a week to track her progress. Two important things to remember--- you cannot force her to move to Assisted Living and you cannot sell her house unless she agrees to it. Secondly, most assisted living facilities don't take Medicaid. In the meantime, gather up 5 years of financial records in case you need them for the Medicaid application. Tax returns and bank records are primary, including credit cards. Then get a list of all debts, with lender's name/address and account numbers.
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You REALLY need to talk to a certified Eldercare attorney. This is not a task for amateurs, and Medicaid regs vary from State to State. Most eldercare attorneys will give you a free consult. Find one you like, get as much advice as you can gratis and then spend some of MOM'S funds on this.

In most states, the MEDICAID recipient can own a house and a vehicle. But get advice before you do anything, please.
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