I don't trust craigslist and care dot com charges to much money, the best resource I have found is - does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Hi Laura,
I'd make some phone calls to licensed agencies in the area you need and then ask for references. If you want an independent person other than one with an agency, you will need to do the background check and reference checks yourself, plus you may be considered an employer which may have tax liability.
I'm not saying your shouldn't look into this option, but it's far harder to make sure you are getting a qualified person if you place an ad.
Another idea is to find a geriatric care manager in your area. You would have to pay for the service, but he or she may be able to recommend someone to you. Placing an ad in any way is apt to bring in responses from unqualified people as well as qualified ones. If you do this, be prepared to do some work. You may find a gem - but you could also find a scammer.
My preference is word of mouth (you can even ask at nursing homes and assisted living facilities for references to people who provide care), or else go through an agency.
Good luck. Please check back and let us know if you've succeeded in finding someone.
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Hi Carol, thanks a lot for this response - helps a lot. I need a caregiver 24/7 and do not want to pay the expensive mark up home care agencies charge, this usually equates to be about 40 - 60% of total costs. (I started with agencies). I believe the baby boomer generation is more of a do it yourself group, and think there needs to be a service that lets us take control.
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Laura- I have signed up to use 2x now. At $70 a quarter (or $23 a month). Pricey, yes - but if you find a great caretaker or two in that first sign-up period, and I did both times (used in in NJ and MD) I didn't have to continue the membership.

In NJ i knew no one yet had to find someone quick re a family emergency. Found Stephanie on, who took such amazing care of my Mom - at the rate I was willing to pay - that I didn't need to look further. I paid $15 per hour or $150 for a 24 hr period.
Same thing when we returned to our Md home - I found an amazing caregiver, Linda, who has been available every time I've called her. Same rate.

I placed an ad, then chose the top candidates from the responses. I made sure to spell out in the ad EXACTLY what they would be required to, and what i was willing to pay. The background check comes free with membership, (thats worth $35 by itself) and I never considerede anyone who di not have the background check and the references. You can even have them (free) record phone calls asking questions of the references. I used that as well. Then I emailed a questionaire tothe candidates, then I did a phone interview, and only then did i have them to my house to meet Mom.

So it worked for me. I have nothing but good things to say about And if we move with my husbands job to PA, I will definitely use them again.

Good luck!
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Do you know ones in your community? Ask around. In my community there are retired persons that do private pay for extra income. However, I don't know if a retired person would work for you situation. I personally worked in home health and I think after mom passes. I will do private pay work. More so because I enjoy helping one person not many people as I did thru agency work.

If you find someone, run background check. Make sure they are CPR certified. and ask tons of questions. There are GOOD people out there looking for work but its hard to find them. I would be afraid to advertise on Craigslist. If you do a newpaper ad, have the ad request a resume, references and have them forward info to the paper(you'll have to talk to paper to see how that works). Then you won't get nagging calls that waste your time. In Pa we have Careerlink that is thru the unemployement office I believe. They will help you find someone based on qualifications. I don't know what that costs though.
Good luck on your search.
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