Planning before the crises is recommended. Why? Where is a reliable source of statistical information concerning the benefits of planning before the need hits?

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There is a group of seniors planning a workshop for family caregivers in our rural area. Lots of information about content is available, but not a great deal that would motivate someone to take action before the need hits them. Trying to find motivating answers to the question, "Why should I attend another meeting?"

Thanks for your help.
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Most of the information that I learned about planning and not planning for crisis comes from first hand experience and what I have seen in family, friends, colleagues, etc. If someone has a study they may be able to help you. Are you writing a paper or preparing a project. I hope this helps.

I sure was happy that my cousin had prepared her Durable POA, Healthcare POA and Will years before she needed them. Plus, she told me where they could be found. When her memory went, I had to step into action fast. Thank goodness, her affairs were in order. If not, it would have been so much more difficult going through the court.

Also, she had her life insurance in place, for the funeral home costs after her death. Good planning.

Now finding an AL or Memory Care facility....that's tough. It took me a lot of research, visiting, checking, phone calls, etc. to get that straight. If you are a senior and are able to select places in advance, that is helpful. Sometimes getting on a waiting list is required and you may have to wait.

Also, if you don't know what you are able to afford with regard to long term care and have never consulted with a professional, you may end up in an ER with family frantically trying to get appointments with doctors, lawyers, case workers, etc. with no idea of the finances, costs, qualifications, etc. for long term care. It's pretty stressful.

It's also helpful to make your loves ones aware of your choice for artificial nutrition, CPR, medications to extend life when terminally ill. Many family members are too stressed and guilt ridden to do this on their own. I'd plan, so they don't have to wonder if they are honoring your wishes.
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