What are the best products for incontinence and odor?


By the time my mom says she has to use the bathroom and gets up with the help of others, she is peeing. She drinks very little and had a very strong smelling urine. Is there any thing she can take that will make her urine smell less offensive?
What are the best type of briefs, pads, diapers that you have used for your loved one. Anything that helps with odor? Does anyone use a incontinence pad inside of depends underware? or something similar? She seems to have a lot of leaks. Is it possible to build up her muscles, down there at 89?

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Sprinkle some antifungal foot powder in the depends, it keeps the urine from breaking down into ammonia. Always have a change of pants handy in the bathroom and bedroom for her. My mom likes a particular brand, but everyone likes something different. Personally I prefer the ones that are pastel colors and not stark white.
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I think it wouldn't smell as strong if she drank more - it's probably too concentrated. But sometimes it's hard to get older folks to drink more. Does she like fruit juices? Soups, foods with more liquids? Sometimes they're more palatable than just drinking water.

I don't have answers to your other questions except the last. Although I have no claim to specific knowledge of Kegel exercises, I think they could help.
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