Mom wears adult diapers but still seems to wet the bed. Please advise the best products to use

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I've had this problem with my husband. Up all night trying to keep him dry. Skin is so sensitive. Just recently I have tried Abena briefs. They hold a lot of urine and keep his skin dry. They are really costly, but I am desperate for sleep. Try cheap chux on the internet.
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We switched to Tena products
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You can try wellness brief most absorbent adult diaper. This will help you in reducing number of changes in a day as well keep your mom stay dry upto 8 hours. Also, you can order for free sample at wellnessbriefs
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When you get beyond Depends, go to a medical supply business and talk to them. They have products meant to hold way more than Depends can. Also buy adhesive adult sized bed pads in large quantities.

If there is no medical supply store near you, there are TONS online who probably have better pricing. I liked going to the store because there was a man there who had seen it all for incontinence problems, and he made it easier for me.

I layered my mom's bed this way:
Plastic mattress cover
Bed pads covering the whole surface of the mattress
Another plastic cover
Bed pads over the area her body would most likely be
Bottom Sheet
Bed pads again
Top sheet
Other blankets as requested

Sometimes mom could literally wet all of that (amazing!). But, the mattress itself never got damp or wet once. It's now in my second bedroom!

I had to improvise one time and ended up using a plastic shower curtain over the mattress.

Sometimes I wondered what on earth could mom be doing in the night to get so much liquid through so many layers over so much of the bed. It's like somebody sprayed it down with a garden hose. It seemed like there was gallons. She could wet the bed from top to bottom. I had two kids who never wet the bed quite like that!
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Buy the maxi absorbent Depends. Insert a menstrual pad inside. Buy a plastic mattress pad similar to the plastic mattresses used on a hospital bed and don't use sheets so you aren't doing laundry every day. Stop water 2 or 3 hours before bedtime. Hope something here helps.
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