Best pressure sore mattress topper?


I care for my wife who suffers from dementia. She has developed a single pressure sore on her buttocks area.

She sleeps in a very high quality hospital bed mattress with air chambers (not alternating pressure type) and was on a foam topper.

Are the egg crate foam toppers better and which specific brands or source seems to do the job the best?

I purchased a relatively inexpensive alternating air pocket mattress but it does not feel comfortable to me. Unfortunately she can’t fully express any discomfort.

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Thanks, cwillie. Yes, she has seen a wound care doctor and it was healing very well but has hit a “no progress” zone. That is what prompted me to buy the alternating pressure mattress topper. I just got to thinking that a good egg crate might be just as beneficial but more comfortable for her. I’ll check out the Geo-Matte. Thanks.
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It took me a while to remember and then search for this - look at the Geo-Matt®, I've seen it recommended on the forum.
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I think the alternating pressure mattresses and toppers are really the top of the line simply because they don't merely cushion but because of their design actually allow circulation. Your wife needs to be kept off that spot until it heals and in general she needs to be moved more, whether manually or with one of these devices, you should be shifting her position every couple of hours day and night - that's the appeal of these mattresses because that just isn't sustainable for a single person caregiving at home.
Have you had a wound care nurse treating her ulcer?
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