My mom and I have worked out a plan where I will change the Social Security direct deposit to a different bank and each week I will give her an allowance of about $150 to spend on medical supplies, food, haircut, dinner, etc. Is there a really good pre-paid debit card with minimal fees that I can reload online every week?? Preferably one that works at ATMs so she can get cash.

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I like Amex Serve - there's no cost with a monthly direct deposit ($4.95 otherwise), you can even have sub-accounts with their own cards; but not everyplace takes Amex. It works with most ATMs but there's a fee.
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Check with your bank. Most offer debit cards that can accept on line transfer. Fees for bank debit cards are generally much lower than cards you see advertised on TV.
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I am not aware of prepaid debit cards. I know you can buy prepaid credit cards, some may be reloadable.

What about having a debit card on an account into which you transfer the funds each week? That way you can keep an eye on the transactions online. Top it up as needed.

I did this with my son when he moved away to university. I got a joint account with him and would transfer his rent money into it each month. He could use his debit card to withdraw the funds. I did not have a debit card on the account.

We still have this set up, which has worked in a pinch a time or two.
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