Where is the best place to contact financial assistance for assisted living care?


For my 91 year old mother in the state of Florida.

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Brudet, getting financial assistance for assisted living is very hard to do. Occasionally some of the facilities accept Medicaid, but most do not. Nursing facilities usually accept Medicaid, but a person has to qualify for placement. What you are facing is a huge problem when it comes to elder care. Social security checks are so much less than the rent the assisted living facilities charge. Unless there are savings or a good pension, most of these facilities can be out of reach.

Guestshopadmin had some very good ideas about where to look for help. There are things out there if your mother qualifies. I hope that you can find something.
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Depending on her financial status, she may qualify for Medicaid. There is a department for elderly affairs in Fl. http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/doea/medicaid_waiver.php
You can read more about the available programs and how to access them there.
If she is a veteran or widow of a veteran, there may be assistance through the VA. You can go to the bottom of page and look for the Veterans link, click it, and there are many articles about it.
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