An organization called "Senior Helpers" recommended VitalLink, which is based near where we live. (We had a representative from Senior Helps come out and do an evaluation to see if their services were a good fit, and the rep thought we she get a medical alert system since my mother lives alone.) My sister noticed that another company Alert1, also has a "mobile" option (which VitalLink does not), that she thinks could be helpful, as it works outside the home.

I can't seem to find any actual reviews, as the "review" websites I have found are clearly bogus and sponsored by the company itself.

The other problem I have is that this is for someone with dementia, who is not really capable of learning a new system. Will she even remember to press the "panic button" if she falls or needs help?

Any thoughts?

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There are all kinds of systems out there, and since you are on line I'm sure you have checked them all out. I have never heard anyone say their particular system didn't perform the way it was supposed to, but you have to be certain what your needs are. I would think that if she has dementia that is advanced enough that you doubt she can push a panic button then she should not be there alone. My mom used Lifeline for years because she was visually impaired and lived alone and we were too far away to check on her daily. I would hesitate to recommend any system for someone who is cognitively impaired as they really should not be left alone for any great length of time. Remember, she will only deteriorate further. At best this should be a stop gap measure until you can arrange for her to live where she will be supervised.
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