Which one is the best "Medical Alert Service" Medical Guardian, Bay Alarm Medical or Philips Lifeline Alert Service?


Is there anybody using one share their experiences, costs, cons & pros and any recommendations.

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I had 5 Star/ Great Call. 1.) I could see my mom on a map my Android phone via their GPS! 2.) Inexpensive compared to others. 3.) Recommended by the nurse at the local ALS Association. 4.) Mom doesn't have to be home for it to work! 5.) The company has a list of people to call in order of importance. You can order it online or at Walmart.
Hope this helps! :-)
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Oh my - no, that's kind of crazy!

Neither one of these systems that I've told you about wanted any sort of setup fee. They send you the system and very clear instructions on how to install and set it up yourself. You can hire one of their technicians to do it for a fee, but it's very easy. I've set them both up myself.

My first payment to ADT was $67.90, which was our first monthly payment of $39 plus a pro-rated 2nd month. After that, the only payment due is $39 a month. They have a more basic system that uses a landline (not cell signal) that is $29, I think. Go to Google and search for ADT Health - that should bring up their website so you can review the options.

Hopefully someone else will come along and offer some other suggestions as well.
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Life Alert wanted a one time set up fee of $198.00 and $79.90 a monthly fee and after a 45 minutes of sales pitch he reduced it to $96 one time fee and $59.90 monthly is still to expensive for an elderly on social security fixed income. Any other suggestions out there. thank you:)
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We had one with a company called "Connect America", which I *don't* recommend. They seem to operate on a shoestring budget and have just a shell website with only a phone number to call and very little info offered on the site. You can't change a phone number or contact name without calling them, and if you call on the weekend, you get the sales department - and if you're not buying something, they rudely tell you to call back on Monday and hang up on you. But when I told them we were cancelling and going to another company, well THEN they were falling all over themselves to try and keep our business. Sorry folks, too late.

The cost of the Connect America system was $99 every quarter, so $33 a month for the basic system with a landline-based receiver with an emergency button on it, and a pendant and/or wristband for the user to wear.

We have signed up for a new system with ADT, which is $39 a month. It's a little more expensive than the last system we had, but bills on a monthly basis rather than quarterly, and so far, they are very responsive to phone calls and emails with questions, and even called to make sure I had the system set up correctly after we received it. I can't give much of a review on that yet, as we just got it, but I can come back later and post a review.

The ADT system is digital and wireless - meaning it does not hook up to a phone landline for operation - it uses AT&T's wireless network, so as long as AT&T has cell phone coverage in your area, you can use the ADT system - the person I spoke with at the company said that even if you only see 2 bars of signal on the receiver unit, you're covered. It comes with a pendant and/or wristband for the user to wear, and the receiver is smaller and more compact than the one from Connect America.
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