What is the best life alert system in Florida?


My Dad passed away just recently and my Mom needs some kind of Life Alert for herself while I am at work. I have contacted Life Alert and just cant see paying the high price that they want to charge unless they are the best? Can someone please let me know which is the best?

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I can't answer which is best but I can tell you what my mother uses. She has one that has a base that connects to her home phone and an alert pendant with a speaker that she wears around her neck. When she pushes the button, it calls my cell phone through her phone line, and if I don't pick up it calls my sister and one other person, and if nobody picks up it calls 911. Once the connection is made, she can talk to me (or the person who picks up) as though she were talking on the phone. The system cost about $200 but there's no monthly fee. There's no network that she talks to like Life Alert has, but I don't see the need for that in my mother's situation. I guess it depends on what the system is needed for. In my mother's case, it's that she falls and usually not anywhere near the phone.
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