My parents both have typical hearing loss. They both have slight dementia and lose things. They recently moved in to an assisted living community and I want them to meet people.

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They have to match the type of hearing aid to the degree and type of hearing loss, so some types may not be the best option. Consider that smaller, in the canal aids are harder to get in and the tiny batteries are harder to change, especially as dexterity diminishes.
The biggest problem with hearing aids, especially in a facility, is going to be that they both expensive and easy to lose. It can be very difficult to learn to accept a hearing aid and leave it in, even for those who don't have any dementia. Whatever you decide, before you purchase make sure to check if you can insure them against loss and damage.
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We used the in ear type, she seemed to mess with those less. Tried the ones that go behind the ear and those were a bad choice, she would take those off and I would find them on the floor and such. Digital would probably work well but the cost always kept us from those.
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Hi Paul and Joan,
It depends on the type and degree of hearing loss, and whether or not there is any discharge. Digital hearing aids come with a variety of programs such as comfort in noise, speech in noise, regular, tv. They would probably fare better with a directional mike given the diverse social and group settings, and a program for background noise. Depending on fine motor skills, the size and physical features of the hearing aid may need to be taken into account. Their audiologist will be able to advise whether to get an in-the-ear or behind-the-ear (referring to the location of the motor). I, personally, prefer behind the ear. It will be an adjustment for them, because the hearing aid picks up all sounds, not just speech, and depending on the quality and brand of hearing aid, it may not sound like natural speech. There may be a bit of a challenge misplacing the hearing aids once removed, as they are very small, so it is a good habit to put them back in the container and choose a specific location (e.g. on the bedside table or in her purse). How do your parents feel about hearing aids? It would be great to reduce the social isolation that comes from hearing loss. I wish them all the best.
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