Hmm wasn't sure where to post this? But as you all know, I have had enough to handle I have no future here financially, and Im living on a road to nowhere.Literally.

I will be 40 in no time with no savings for future retirement or healthcare/living expenses, need to start. My health is also going down hill, so I need to make a sudden stop and go in a better direction.

So, if anyone has some ideas( I have gotten some here and thank so much, I am looking into them!!!) I need a place where my chances are highest to get a job where Id move, good schools and health care for us esp my kids. Where I have applied I haven't heard back! Everyone has their opinions what place may be the best( no you dont have to live there, just stuff you read, friends or family from there)


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Thank you both !!!!
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i live in central indiana and wouldnt move 50 miles from here in any of the four directions . the rough economy has had some good results here . ' for rent ' dumpy shacks are all over the countryside and often one doesnt even need a deposit to move in . indiana has always had blue collar jobs , thats why people have immigrated here from kentucky and elsewhere for several generations .
put it like this ; if i cant work and i starve to death it will be here that i do it .
aint goin anywhere ..
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Me100, I live in the burbs of our nation's Capitol, in northern Virginia, and there is a large variety of different types of jobs available..... excellent schools and colleges..... outstanding healthcare...... and excellent elder care complexes.... but the cost of housing is quite high no different than from any other very large metro area. Example: one bedroom apartment around $1200/month.

Best thing to do is look for a large metro area and found something on the far outskirts where housing is a tad bit cheaper. One way to get an idea of cost of housing is to go to

Good luck in your search.
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