Is there any VA type benefits for veterans of a foreign war?


My dad is from The Netherlands and was in the Dutch army during active war time. He now has Alzheimer's and is in a care facility. He's been there for a 1yr 3 months. We're running out of money now and looking for financial support to keep him there. As much as we love dad, it would be very difficult to have him back in our home.

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I know England gave pensions to people who had been in the service since husbands Aunt collects it.
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I agree; check with the Dutch Army. You might start by contacting the Dutch consulate in DC as it would be easier to have someone who's knowledgeable about their systems as well as conversant in their language.
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If your father served in the Dutch army, you should check with the Dutch government to see if they offer some help. There will NOT be any benefits available to him from the US government's Veterans Admin-- those benefits are only for US military, not other countries' military, even if dad has become a US citizen after his Dutch service.
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