What benefits has anyone seen in taking Donepezil?

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What benefits has anyone seen in taking Donepezil?

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Donezipl platoes the symptoms
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My mother has taken Donepezil for several years but her cognitive abilities have declined steadily. I guess we don't have any way of knowing if there would have been a steeper decline without it.
my husband is on it along with a very small dose of Seroquel for hallucinations and seems to be doing reasonably well altho certainly is declining (started on it 1 1/2 yrs ago)
Jnelson nailed it. That has been our experience as well. And though there is no way to prove it would be any worse without it, when I did ask the doctor about stopping it, she was very against it. She's a pretty no-nonsense gal (the doc), and she understood wanting to eliminate something from the mix of mom's meds that might not seem to be adding any benefit, but she believes it does have an impact on the rate of decline. Again, no real way of knowing. NOTE: The reason I even asked about stopping it (and I shared this with the doc) is because I'd read some folks' experiences in which they noticed even a slight improvement after stopping it. She was confident it only seemed that way initially to those who observed it.
My 92 year old M-I-L started taking a small dosage of this along with Serequil in April and while we didn't see an improvement in her paranoia right away she now has stopped talking to herself accusing people of stealing from her and wanting to get rid of her. Donepezil isn't the only thing different in her routine so I would say it has helped!
Doneprizil IS the only difference...not isn't...sorry!
My mom has been on the Exelon patch since we moved her in with me (2 1/2 yrs ago) and she seems to be doing well on that. Strictly moderate dementia at this time, she was diagnosed with mild dementia back in 2010, so it is progressing slower than some others. She is 92 now and we think this is probably the best way to go for the immediate future. Nothing is going to slow down the disease, but this patch seems to be helping her more than any pill she's tried.
Pumpkin, My Mother is 2/12 years into Al/s and the Geriatrition Who diagnosed Mum put Her on Donepezil Teva 5mg....after one year the dose was increased to 10mg. DONEPEZIL TEVA SLOWS DOWN THE PROGRESSION OF ALZHEIMERS. We will cherish the added time We will have with Our Darling Mother.
My mom gets days where she thinks she is drowning the only medication that she has is paracetamol I was wondering will this get worse my mom is ninty six and had a stroke two years ago she has got dementia coming now but I worry about the paranoia
I was told by the doctor that you don't get better on this medication, you just slow it own. Each person is different on their rate of slowdown

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