Is there a better care plan that one has over the other? For example does medicare have a better package, and care plan then medicaid?

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Mary, there's a differential of another sort between Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare premiums for most people are $104.90 monthly. This provides us with what used to generally good benefits, but not routine vision or dental coveragel.

In addition, Medicare has since had to cut back benefits due to a political maneuver called sequestration. We now pay the same but get less.

While Medicaid was intended to be for the financially impoverished folks, it has been exploited by those who become artificially impoverished, through asset reassignment. Certain attorneys will assist a family in shielding assets by transferring to family members (or others), so that the individual eventually appears to be poor and can qualify for Medicaid.

If you search this site (see the search function in the upper right hand) corner, you'll find a lot of posts about qualifying for Medicaid and how to spend down assets to be able to qualify.

You can also read OhJude's post entitled "For people who want to circumvent the law with regard to retaining their parents assets and avoiding care costs... ", at

You'll see the "differential" between people who pay their own way and get less benefits and those who do play the asset shielding game so they can keep their financial and other assets but still suck off Medicaid, shifting the burden of medical care from themselves and their families to the taxpayers.

But there still are others who for whatever reasons are legitimately not financially able to pay for their own medical care. They don't play the artificial impoverishment game - they're not wealthy enough to do that.

If you detect contempt in this post, you're right. Like others who posted on Jude's thread, I despise people who manipulate a system intended to help legitimately needy people just to enhance themselves.
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There is a huge difference in what Medicare does & what Medicaid does and the eligibility criteria for each. It's not an either /or situation. This site has all sorts of terrific articles on what the M & Ms are.

In general, Medicare is a general entitlement for hospitalization and professional health care provider services which we usually qualify for via FICA payments during our working life and then from SS payments after retirement. It can also cover RXs within a defined part.
Medicaid is an "at need" entitlement in which you must show both medical & financial "need" for a specific & limited timeframe state administred program run within an overall federal guideline. You must be poor and prove need, to be eligible for medicaid.
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