What will happen to me? My mom?

In other words, what did you do with the money?
Was a portion of it yours?

Will she be coming back home to live if she improves?
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Your profile says that your mother is already in a nursing home.
If she has no more money, she might have already qualified for
a Medicaid bed.

Was the $10,000 spent over a period of time, and on her needs only?
If so, that sounds like the necessary spend-down of assets to qualify for Medicaid. Whether you knew, or not, you might have done what was required.

However, if you spent her money on yourself, you will have to account for that.
Did your Mom know what you were doing with her money? Were your funds (income) comingled with hers in the joint checking account? Or are you unemployed or disabled, without an income of your own, and she was supporting you? Did she manage a disability income for you in the joint account, and now you need some help and advice sorting that out?

Can you give us more information? We don't want to scare an innocent caregiver, without all the facts.
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Have you applied for Medicaid? If they find that this money was gifted to you, there will be a penalty period during which you either have to pay for her NH costs yourself or care for her full time at home.
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So, your mother is penniless because of you? Did you spend the money on her or on yourself? Was this truly a joint account with your name on it? If not, what you did could be considered by Medicaid as “gifting” and Mom would not qualify for Medicaid benefits unless and until you pay it back. It could also be considered as stealing or fraud.

I’m not sure what you want us to say. If Mom has no money and you didn’t steal it, just spent it, you will have to file for Medicaid and find a facility that takes it if she is accepted. But if this account is also her’s there could be issues with it.

As for what will happen to you, if you don’t have a job, get one. If she owns a home, you can probably stay there until, she passes if she owns it outright. You will have to pay taxes, utilities and keep it up. If and when you sell it, you will have to turn over the money to Medicaid to pay them back for her care. If you don’t have Power of Attorney for her, handling her affairs can be very difficult. Quite frankly, I’d go to your local Area Agency on Aging and tell them what you’ve done and ask for their help.
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What did you spend it on? Rent, mortgage, utilities, upkeep, clothing?

The problem with joint accounts is that, unless married, the acct is considered the person's who is applying for Medicaid. You would have to prove you deposited money into it.

So, it comes down to what that 10k was used for. To buy Mom a car, no problem, to buy you one maybe if Medicaid decides the bank acct was Moms.

So, we need more info.
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