So I spend everyday taking care of my granny with dementia and lord knows she needs me. I dont even have a life cause this is all i do is baby sit. If i left to get a job she would probably wonder down the road thinking shes going to walmart or this is my life and job and would like to get paid for it. I wouldnt care if it was $20. Ppl always ask me if im getting paid for it and i say no? How? Of course noone gives me the answer so i hope to find it out on this website. More details I would like to include is: I live near Mt. VERNON, IL im 25 yr old male living with mom but she doesnt care for her besides drop off some food. Its my job to make sure she eats n gets around all day. Any help would help. THANKS IN ADVANCED!!!

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blueboy, Go to the blue bar near the top of this page, click on "Money & Legal", now click on "Paying for Care".

Majority of grown child do not get paid for caring for their elderly parent or grandparent, unless the parent or grandparent is financially able to pay from their own funds. If so, that parent or grandparent and the grown child will need to put together an employment contract.

Since your Grandmother needs around the clock care, it is physically impossible for just one person to do all the work of 3 Caregivers who work 8 hour shifts, then get time off and return fresh for the next shift. You will need to get a required number of hours of sleep for yourself otherwise your health will decline rather quickly. Check with your local Council on Aging to see what is available for Aides to come to the house for a couple of hours to help give you time for yourself, or see if your Mom will step up to the plate to help.

You might want to check to see if your Grandmother could qualify for Medicaid, each State has different requirement and different things they do to help or pay for. Actually this is something your Mom should be looking into.
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One of these women needs to be paying you - a lot. You are being taken for a ride. Full time care at home, with 3 shifts of people costs $10,000 in AZ. (I lived in IL. for 50 years, though.) And they get insurance, sick leave and 15 min. breaks.

You need to be paying into Soc. Sec. and health insurance for yourself.

I wonder, if you have any money of your own, or if you are trapped there? I can guess what is going to happen when granny is gone, you will be expected to take care of your mom.

You can search up in the right top corner, for Getting Paid. It is a question that is asked quite frequently.

I suggest you give your mom 2 weeks notice and ask a friend to take you in.
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blueboy, it is very vice of you to be taking care of your granny, but you are too young for this job. Actually, you are also too old to still be living with your mother at home when you should be trying to find a job, get a job, save up money for your own old age and build a life. What did you do between graduating from high school at 18 and two years ago when you were 23?

Your mom has it made and like you say does not care. She should be making sure that her mother is safe and taken care of by hired caregiver to the degree that her health and safety needs require and if and when the time comes for more intensive care look into that and if she qualifies for medicaid, then get that for her.

Your mother has dropped the ball in my opinion and you are free help.

Do you even know if your mother is her mother's durable and medical POA? Are all three of you living in the same house? Is it her house or your mom's house?

About the only way that you are going to get paid for taking care of your granny is for the two of you to have a written and signed contract saying that she will pay you so much per month for doing various caregiving services which you would list in the contract.

See the article below.

How old is your grandmother?

Does she have dementia?

Is she mentally competent to enter into a contract with you to pay you for her care?

What financial resources does she have?
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