So I haven't posted on here in a while. He fell on me yesterday. I was helping grandpa out of his chair and into his wheelchair so he can go to the bathroom mom was taking a nap she's tired she works 7 days a week at a crappy job. I try to help her in anyway I can. Anyhow as grandpa was turning around he lost his balance and fell on me he landed on my leg. We called the fire department to help us. This is the second Tim he has falling on top of me. The first time we crashed into a bookcase I ended up tearing my knee up. The cares program from our local department came out they come now since he has falling so much. The dementia has gotten worse. I'm trying to balance school a d taking care of him and my sister and I'm overwhelmed!! I'm already failing two classes any advice?

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With some types of dementia, balance is very poor. I have seen my cousin while standing near her walker, lose her balance and start to fall backwards. This was before she went to a wheelchair.

They really have to watched all the time and even then, it's difficult to stop the falls. I had difficulty assisting my cousin in and out of the car and in to her wheelchair. I started watching the Memory Care staff who transported her. They seem to know how to get up behind them in way that prevents them from falling down. There is definitely a technique to it. I would get instruction on how to properly assist them so the falls can be reduced. (Even though I learned how to make it safer. I decided to not take that responsibility and now I only rely on professionals to assist her.)

The problem with physical therapy is that depending on their level, they may not be able to focus on therapy and even if they do, their memory is so poor, they aren't able to retain information that would help them.

I would also start to plan for the future when he is not able to get in and out of the wheelchair, even with assistance. If he's falling a lot, I would question if he really can be kept in the home safely. If he falls and gets a fracture, it will be so difficult on him. There is the pain and the fact they can't properly communicate. I'd speak with his doctor and see what the options are.

What did the Cares program coordinator suggest?
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You are 18 years old and should stop doing anything that injures you. You are on a difficult road, and overwhelmed because you are performing a role that is not your road to travel. You have come to a fork in the road, now take it. (Close to a yogi beara quote). Aunts, uncles, ther family can help you consider relocating for school.
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Sorry, I don't remember any details from your previous posts, but You need to focus on your schooling, and your mother needs to hire extra help.
As for the problems transferring, would you all be able to arrange for some physical therapy for your grandfather? There were simple seated exercises prescribed for my mom that helped a great deal, and when she was able to accomplish those a couple of standing ones were added, but she is still able to walk a short distance with a walker.
Also, do you have grab bars available so he has something to grab to help with the transfer? I find even using the walker as a movable support is helpful.
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