I have been accused of nursing home abuse, never in my life have I been accused in my life. The patient has dementia and the housekeeper went into her room to clean I assumed and the dementia patient must have said something to her and the housekeeper took it to another level. Something I didn’t do. What rights does the CNA have? Lord knows I been a CNA for years, with no complaints until now! Now they sent me home for investigation. They told me they have to contact the state and from there, my coworkers told me they call the police also. All the while I have been at this facility, it only happens to people of color and it's just not fair.

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It sounds as though allegations have been made in the past at your facility against people of color. It this goes further, it might be useful to ask if this resident has previously made other accusations, and if so what resulted.

We have many posts about relatives whose dementia leads them to make racist, sexist and any other form of 'ist' comments that have lurked in their minds for most of their lives. It's a common problem for their family members. Perhaps you could read up on this to reassure yourself.
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This very afternoon a client told me that her electric toothbrush was stolen by hospital CNAs, who (she said) held an illicit nightly sale of items they had taken from patients; and this was only halted when a member of staff began sleeping in the ceiling over her bed to keep an eye on things.

My head was reeling trying to keep up with this improbable account, but the client has vascular dementia and we have already been instructed not to challenge or argue but only to reassure. So I just agreed that it was good the hospital had got a grip on security [by hiding nurses in the ceiling. Yeah right] and she was happy.

However. IF this client alleged that someone had stolen from her or insulted her or mistreated her, we would still have no option but to report it. Just because a person is nuts it doesn't make her immune to abuse.

I have had complaints made about me, and I have had my ears ripped off about them by my manager before I could get a word in edgeways to explain. It is extremely unpleasant and you have my heartfelt sympathy. Have you at least been told what has been alleged? - because surely you do have the right to be informed of that in good time before you are required to respond.

PS I am really sorry to read that you feel this is a colour issue. I wish I could be sure it wasn't, but I just don't know what to say about that.
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cwillie Feb 2021
I would think the housekeeper has to report anything she hears from a patient. If u have a clean record, u maybe OK. Actually, its ur word against a resident who has Dementia. Then, did the resident really tell the Housekeeper that. There is protocol that has to be followed to protect residents.
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I would cooperate in every way. The more uncooperative you are the more suspicious they will become. I would plead my case that there has never been any accusations against you. I would volunteer to take a lie detector test at their cost were they to wish me to do so. They are much easier to take than you imagine on a specific subject. They will discuss with you before the test what questions will be asked and what subjects examined.
Have you had previous problems with your accuser?
That's about all that you can honestly do. I wish you the best.
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If you have done nothing then worry a bit less.
Answer any questions truthfully. Do not add or embellish your answers.
If you are in a Union (and I doubt that you are) you can ask for a Union Rep. If you wish you could also hire a lawyer to be with you during any interview.
ANY accusation has to be treated the same way. Check your employee handbook this should all be written out what the steps are.
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