I am a felon.
Wouldn't do bathing or meds, just cleaning, helping with bills, scheduling appointments. Etc.
Cn5 acted out aganie county building..they said if he has any money, even in life insurance over 1000 he doesn't qualify. And that I was a felon. I know this isn't fact..I know people in my same situation

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Appleton Wisconsin is in Outagamie County.
Have no idea what "Cn5" is....
You need to be a little more clear.
But from your profile, and the fact that you are a Felon and you will not be able to manage their finances it might be best if they became Wards of the State. Let the State handle the finances. This will leave you looking for a place to live. Or are there other family members that can take over the care and management of the finances?
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We really need more info. I don't understand "Cn5 acted out aganie county building" Who said he didn't qualify and qualify for what?

What kind of help are you looking for? Medicaid of somekind?
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Actually it is a fact. Did you do any research on this? You have to pass a background check. If you are a felon, you can’t pass a background check. And Medicaid has income and asset guidelines.
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