14 months ago my wife and I had my 65 year old mentally disabled brother move in with us because he lived in another state and we new he could no longer live alone. He is able to do things for himself like take his meds on time,(actually to the second)he eats good but will not get anything to eat for himself.(we thought after some time had passed and he would get at least make himself a sandwich)He shaves 4-5 times every day and ties up the bathroom for at least one half hr.every time.He takes a shower everyday at 9:05 but don't believe he actually take a shower,I think he runs the water and reaches in with a face cloth and washes himself,I learned recently that he has only washed his hair with water since he has been here.He changes all of cloths at least 3 times everyday.(he dust his room several times a day and he says it makes him sweat.He has a beautiful big room with cable tv but he will not watch it.He does watch the tv in the family room if someone will watch it with him but he will not sit down and when we are cooking or doing the dishes he will stand in the way.(told him he has to sit down at the table and he just smiles at me)He can read and write and he his kind and good.My family doctor has taking him as a new patient and all paper work and meds have been transfered.He gets ssdi every month and contributes $400.00 a month.We can;t go anywhere for any length of time because he wont eat.To be honest there is tension in my home that was never there before and we need some help but not sure where to get it,and I'm sure he will be with us for a long time so do I need to become his legal gaurdian or poa or do not have to do anything sinse he is my brother.Thanks

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