I have been caring for my friend for some time now. Now that he needs medical attention, I have been there for him. I live 50 miles from him and tried to get someone close to check on him but he does not want anyone eles. I also dont' get paid for this driving 100 miles round trip. (He's not willing to pay anyone).....Anyway, I have cared for my grandparents for years. I just need a certifcation or something to say, I am legal .

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Is this the friend that you mentioned in your profile, who is living in Assisted Living?

I'm a little confused. They have staff that checks on him, right? And you visit him often, and perhaps help him with some things? I don't understand why you need to have any "legal" status to visit and help a friend, especially one who is in ALF.

What is your main concern?
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Please consult with an attorney who specializes in Elder Care. This is MOST important so you don't get caught in any legal tangles. We'd all love to help; but we're not lawyers and it will cost a great deal more if you make errors. Sending hugs, Corinne
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It sounds to me like you need to get a power of attorney or a health care proxy to legally be able to make financial and health-related decisions for your friend. so long as these documents are notarized by your friend you should be able to legally care for him.
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