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Before you consider moving anyone into your home, please consult a lawyer (Area Agency on Aging may be able to help you find free legal advice) about the tenancy laws in your state and about getting a caregiver agreement in place. Sometimes it's not easy to get someone out of your home if/when things do not work out.

AAA should be able to tell you about transportation services available in your area. Many areas have van or car transportation available to seniors for a small fee.
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Just FYI not all office of aging has buses for this sort of thing. Mine doesn’t have buses for people on Medi-cal. It’s by van or passenger car through a transportation provider, you have to find one yourself. There isn’t even an approved agency in my county......
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Are u on Medicaid health insurance. They offer transportation. Ur County Office of Aging should have a bus. At one time Red Cross offered a service. Like suggested, ask at ur Church if u attend one.
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Anita is there a church or club of some sort that you could contact to help you to find a roomie?

Ask at doctor's office for ideas. Maybe a Geriatric Care Manager would be able to provide you with ideas and some socialization.
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IF you are trying to advertise, this is a forum of caregivers plus it is international. I can suggest you might advertise for a roommate who might offer help in exchange for a low rent. You should not expect 24 hour help. You should still draw up a contract.

And Anita, try to stay more anonymous in your posting.
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