My Mom past away in 2009, would I be eligible to claim the caregiver credit?


My Mom past away in 2009 and I lived with my from 1989 to 2006. I started to care for my mom in 2000 as she became forgetful. My moms house hold bills groceries etc .
From 2000 till 2006 when I moved out from my moms home as I looked after my mom for those years. Than my brother looked after my mom until she past away .

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I've never heard of this bill, so I looked it up and found this:
"Official Summary
Social Security Caregiver Credit Act of 2014 - Amends title II (Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance) (OASDI) of the Social Security Act with respect to determining entitlement to and the amount of any monthly benefit, including any lump-sum death payment, payable under OASDI on the basis of the wages and self-employment income of any individual. Deems such an individual to have been paid a wage (according to a specified formula) during each month during which the individual was engaged for at least 80 hours in providing care to a dependent relative without monetary compensation for up to five years of such service. Makes this Act inapplicable in the case of any monthly benefit or lump-sum death payment if a larger benefit or payment would be payable without its application."
quoted from:
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NOPE. It is not a law yet, just pending legislation HR5024, and it would only count for service after Dec. 2014 if it passes.
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