I know he eats other things during the day, but he drinks lots of milk. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Also, what should his calorie intake be? I read somewhere that it's only about 1,000 calories. Is that normal?

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Thank you !! he does love it so ! (I'm starting to more as I age as well) I think the body is good at knowing what it needs to consume,,ie. calcium, protied, vit D.
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A science class I took in junior high, yes, junior high, I still remember some of those lessons. A science teacher that was absolutely wonderful, asked one day if we were to be stranded on a desert island what would we take with us if it was just one food item. You guessed it! MILK!
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You will find that the elderly do not consume a lot of calories mainly because they are not burning up calories by doing exercises, work-outs, yard work, etc.

If your Dad enjoys drinking milk, let him, as long as there are no side-effects. Some times elders will become lactose intolerant, but there is Lactaid milk that tastes the same as regular milk [I use it].
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