It's a dial knob - hot and cold, fixture. I need a change to a Lever action fixture. Live in a senior section 8 - 202. Renting apartment complex building. For the elderly, and disabled.

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If you are referring to the type that requires you to pull the knob out and turn it left or right to adjust the temperature, some brands have a conversion kit that a plumber can install. If no conversion kit is available then the entire faucet inside the wall will have to be replaced. That will be expensive since it will require opening the wall to change the entire fixture.
Either way the landlord should be contacted. Explain to the management your reason for asking for the change. I had to change the faucets to the lever type because it became too difficult for us to pull the handle.
Another option to try is to have the cartridge changed or lubricated since the pull type will become difficult over time. This is a simple operation and does not require opening the wall. I have also done this on the shower. No conversion kit was available.
Cost will vary depending on company, fixture cost, and labor rates.
If the landlord agrees to change the fixture, you may want to suggest or pay the difference to have one installed that has the temperature limiter on it to prevent scalding accessory on it. It will regulate the temperature to prevent scalding no mater how far to the hot the handle is turned. some better hotels use this type to prevent law suites.
I hope this helps.
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Have you ask the landlord or management company is this is something he/they can change? When you're renting you generally need permission to change something like plumbing fixtures, even if its just the handles.

If you only want to replace the knob handles with lever handles, it may be as simple as removing the screws from the knob handles (there's usually a little cork like button over the screw) and replacing them with the right lever handles (new handles would generally need to be from the same manufacture). A good plumber could check it out and tell you how much he would charge.
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