I just heard from moms NP that the caregiver says that Mom has frequent trips to the restroom.

He said that Mom asks the CG to take her to the restroom, but then when they turn around they find her in the corner using it.

Why wasn’t I told about this, who do I talk to about this at the memory care?

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Well you were told, probably up til now they felt it was a behaviour they could deal with and hadn't become a pattern. Ask the DON to arrange a care conference.
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musame Oct 22, 2019
I was told by the “visiting” Nurse not by the Caregivers that are supposed to be taking care of Mom. I had no clue that this was happening because they always tell me she is doing fine.
Mom is mobile and can use the restroom on her own.
I don’t know why they have to keep their restroom doors locked so my Mom has to wait for someone to unlock.

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