In 2007, My father assigned me as his POA. When I went to the bank for deposits and to transact business on his behalf, they told me I had t to bring him and have him sign the banks POA in spite of the one we already had. He signed their document and assigned me as his POA. In 2008 the bank told me I was removed. They said it was done over the phone. He had a drug addict as his care taker as I later learned who may have influenced him to call.. They went further to say in a letter that my father had to come into the bank to revoke my POA in writing. When I asked for this document that he had signed revoking me as the POA; They will not produce it. I don't believe they have one because he told me he did not signed a document. They will not give me his five years of bank statements so he can qualify for Medicaid. He has signed a release for bank statements and another POA. They will not honor it. He is bedridden because he received 18 ulcers at a rehab facility and is undergoing treatment. He cannot get to the bank. They are giving me the runaround because I believe they don't have any signed documents. This has been going on for two months. This is Sun Trust Bank. I have to have these documents by the 28th of FEB. 2014 Or we will be sued by another Rehab center where he recently was and his medicare ran out. Another strange story as they accepted him and told me he was covered under medicare and then said a month later he was not and started billing me !Thank you

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Dear Launcha,

You have a similar question posted with many answers. Here is the link.

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