I had to quit my job to care for my mother. I was wondering if there was a program where I can get paid for taking care of her? I have bills coming in and no way of taking care of them or can not at the present time look for employment.

Mookiej, the vast majority of family caregivers are not paid.... unless the love one can pay you themselves from their own savings. And if your Mom can do that, you would need to prepare an employment contract.

Or as worriedinCali had mentioned, check with your State Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] to see if your Mom could qualify for Medicaid, and if there is a program to pay for some caregiving by a family member.
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Is she on Medicaid?
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I’m so sorry. ALS is a devastating diagnosis. Can your mom afford to pay you herself? Most financial help for caregivers comes from state programs and most will require your mom to be on Medicaid & very low income. Is your mom on Medicaid? Very few state programs pay more than minimum wage and unless you are in Michigan, you won’t be paid to care for her full time. There won’t be any benefits either. Every state has at least one program that pays family caregivers. Every state. But that doesn’t mean you can be paid as the caregiver, some states will not pay you if you POA, others will only pay if you are in a rural area and it’s impossible to find caregivers.
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