What is the average independent living cost?

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My dad in the Midwest has been in assisted living specializing in memory care (secure building) for 2 yrs now. It started at $4800/month for his room. Includes medication mgmt, laundry, all meals and whatever special events they have. He has now needed showing assistance and a help dressing so it had gone up to $5200. He has had several falls this summer and now uses wheelchair and a walker with help. Needs toileting help. I am assuming there will be another price increase but will not know the amount till next month but I'm guessing another 10%. His place is highly staffed which I really like.
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Here in western NY a private room in a nice facility is $3000 a month. A one bedroom apartment set up $4000, but in AL you do not need a living room or kitchen. Level of care-- just pill management was $200 a month, but very quickly mom needed help dressing, then help showering and it rose to $500 a month. Finally she lost her left side from a stroke and could no longer live in AL, she had to go to a nursing home. That was $14K a month.
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Angeles, it depends on how large an apartment, what services are provided, out of pocket costs, and especially location.

Example, my Dad paid around $5200 a month when he first moved in his 2 bedroom independent living apartment which had a large living room and full size kitchen, he got a discount because it was January when the rental market at facilities were much slower. With that cost he received once a week housekeeping which included vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom... plus linen service where the bedding is washed and replaced, so are the towels.

Electricity was an extra $85 per month, and telephone service was an extra $40 per month. He wore a pendent but that was an one time cost with no monthly fee. His rent included dinner in the main dining room. The nurse would assess Dad once a month. And he got physical therapy which was paid for by Medicare and his secondary insurance.

Later down the road my Dad needed pill management as he wasn't taking his pills correctly. That was an extra $600 per month. Then he needed a higher level of care being he was getting dementia and was a fall risk, and that was an added $2000 a month. So that monthly rate really grew.

And like I had mention location, location, location. We live in a large metro area outside of Washington DC thus the cost of housing is much more then say if we had lived in a small town in the mid-west.
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