What is the average beginning salary for a certified caregiver?


Starting salary?
One year of service?
Two years of service? etc.
I'm becoming resentful with poor pay.

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I was the weekend relief for a lady, and had no certification . She paid me $100.00 per day for a 48 hr. shift, and sometimes as vacation relief. I'm sure if there was an agency involved, she would have been paying hourly. At the time I was happy for the money she paid me. That was about 10 yrs. ago.(San Francisco area)
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I would check your state you live in I am a private care aide but I also have a HHA and CNA and my pay is totally different
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We hired a certified caregiver for my Dad, and then she was with Mom for 6 months, until this past July. She was private, years of experience, had all her certifications she kept current and here in AZ her rate was $20/hour. I willingly paid that, because to hire through an agency, just sitters, was more than that per hour, and all they could was watch and redirect. No physical care and not much experience at all. And of course, the caregivers did not get that rate...they probably made $10 to $12/hr of the $22 to $26 we had to pay. Hope this helps.
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