This info is my aunt's....I'm not sure what her date of birth is. My name is Kathy. Her daughter has gained guardianship of her mother, Joyce. Joyce has Alzheimer's and is very confused. Tina, the daughter makes her stay at her home (Joyce). Tina on the other hand lives with a gentleman elsewhere. The guardianship letter from the judge just states that the singular duties of Guardian of her mother was sworn to Tina. Tina does not cook for her mother, leaves her cottage cheese, crackers and other cold food in fridge for her to eat. There is a cookstove but Tina disconnected it so Joyce would not accidentally set a fire or burn herself. There is no microwave in the house that works. There is an open flame old heater that has been in this house for over 40 years. Joyce and her husband had purchased her parents home. Kept the old stove. Joyce lives alone, is scared, calls everyone she can think of to either come and get her or come and spend night with her. Not able to find her way around, is confined to the house as she cannot drive. Tina checks on her periodically and will sometimes take her to senior citizen center for a lunch and let someone else bring her home. Joyce is on meds mornings and evenings. She can't remember to take her pills by herself. What do I need to do to bring this to the Judges attention?

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A wellness check is a great start, and contacting the Area on Aging, Also, each state has a department on reporting abuse. The court should have a phone number you can call to report a Guardian who is abusing their charge. You can also use your cell phone to document your Aunt being alone etc.
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I would send the Judge a letter but I would contact the local police for a wellness check. Especially when you know she is feeling scared and alone. You could just happen by to ensure they gain entry. Her daughter needs to face the consequences of accepting guardianship and then leaving this poor lady alone. I bet she takes her pay in a timely fashion.

I would encourage facility placement for this woman, she obviously needs others around and that need would be met, as well as all of her other needs.

Thank you for caring enough to get her help.
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If things get really dire you could also call the police's non-emergency number in her town or county and request a welfare check.
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katrose Mar 14, 2019
Thank you, I finally turned it over to adult protective services. Hopefully they will intervene
This woman should not be living on her own. Daughter has the power to put her in an AL or LTC. Call your local APS and run this buy them.
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katrose Mar 13, 2019
Thank you I’ve contacted aps here in my district. Hopefully they will look into this.

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