My husband's Aunt has been in the hospital for about 7 weeks now. She had a virus or some kind of bug for several weeks. Then she had a heart attack which landed her in the hospital. Two stints were put in and she was well on her way to recovery when she had a stroke. Then she was placed in Rehab and was only a few days from going home when she got a UTI which caused Congestive Heart Failure again. She has gotten very frustrated. Her husband and kids barely visit her. She has begged for them but they don't come. Only my husband visit. Her husband says that she is not coming home. She is getting ready to go back to rehab again but she doesn't want to do anything but get out of the hospital. We know she needs to build her strength again but her mood and moral isn't good because of lack of family support/wanting to be home. They tried Xanax but it made her much worse. She wasn't talking or making eye contact for three days (Other than yelling that she wants to go home NOW! or Leave me alone)! After three days off the Xanax she started making eye contact again and talking. She is still upset and insistant on getting out of the hospital. Is there anything we can do? How can we help her when she doesn't have her husband or children's support?

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Visiting her in the rehab center may be a small but helpful step, if she's close enough. It's hard to say for your aunt-in-law's family, but what does your husband say? Is there a strong bond between you, your husband and his aunt?
If the aunt is truly ill she is best served by staying in hospital, but if you can maintain a strong relationship, bring her pictures, things from her home, it may help. Don't write off her family yet, either, they may be burned out from tending to her. Give them time, and then reach out to them for thoughts and support.
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