One of my uncle lives in dubai and due to a sudden cardiac arrest he passed away. My aunt (ie spouse) has done all the funeral proceedings in dubai and came to india. Now she wants to sell some of the personal things which was registered on the name of my uncle like car to some other person . But she is not wiling to go to dubai as she doesn't have any relatives there. One of my uncles friend is ready to help us in selling the things over there but he needs a power of attorney .

Can you pls help me in this legal matter how can my aunt transfer the power of attorney to my uncles friend to sell the things.

Thanks in advance.

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Your Aunt needs to view the Will to see who now gets ownership of the vehicle. Does your Aunt still have a home in Dubai? Or has she set up new residence in India? If yes your Aunt has a new residence, curious why she would leave behind her husband's car and other items?

As Pam has mentioned above, your Uncle's Power of Attorney is no longer valid, it was only good while he was alive. Your Aunt would need to get her own Power of Attorney and name someone to help her. Unfortunately, a Power of Attorney drawn in India isn't valid anywhere in the UAE. Have her contact an Attorney in India to see what he/she would recommend.
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POA ends at death. After death, the Will is in force and it is up to the Executor. Uncle's friend needs a lawyer in Dubai to straighten this out.
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