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Did you have any kind of agreement with Aunt like paying for room and board while Mom was there? I would want to see the bills and what she gave Mom. Did Mom agree to pay for them or even know Aunt was giving them. If Mom was not capable of giving consent, then Aunt should have called you for permission if u hold the POA. Since she didn't, her decision, her loss. Tell her Mom does not have it. That if she ever needs Medicaid they probably will not allow the expenditure which Mom is penalized for.
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I would be saying....
I'm guessing you are POA and did not authorize these supplements.
If your mothers signature in on anything is it legal?
Example: if my father signs something... it is not legal because I am POA. So unless I authorize it, it does not happen!
As said in another answer... I hope you didn't pay!
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We instinctively think that 'family' won't do anything out of line..clearly, many of us have been 'taken' by family who think they know best and do things we wouldn't have approved of.

$8K? I would want to know, line by line, what she was giving mom. Oils? Chakra alignment? Alternative treatments? Something that her regular doc wasn't aware of? Maybe she simply is charging you per hour for the care she gave---but $8K for two months?? Something isn't right here.

And, was she healed??

I am unaware of any supplements that cost that much, so I'd be really hesitant to just fork over the cash.

My client from my CG days had a daughter who was really into "naturopathic" stuff. None of my business. She had her mom drink these health shakes 3xs a day and SWORE that they were going to heal her Parkinson's. Well, other than force her to take in more fluid than she normally did--I saw just the normal decline of an end stage Parkinson's patient. The shakes were beyond vile smelling and the one time I "tasted" one I had to spit it out, pronto.

Her Parkinson's dr just shook his head at it all--said the stuff wouldn't HURT her but it wasn't going to help at all.

And this stuff was about $50 a can--so maybe a month's worth would have been about $500-600 a month(?)

You have a right to know what mom was subjected to--and talking to Auntie isn't gonna be fun at all. There's no problem with paying her a reasonable amount of money for the 2 months of care--but that's up to you. This sounds like she's trying to shake you down.

Good luck with this.
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Wow. It's too bad your aunt didn't have the courtesy to talk to you about her grand plans BEFORE mom went out there to get healed. Curious - is she doing any better?? Deficiencies can certainly cause a person's condition to decline.

Does your mom have the money to pay for this? Is there "proof" of actual money spent on your mom?

I could see that your aunt could be reasonably compensated for the normal expenses having a second person in your home will bring about. Food, maybe some money towards extra electricity, etc. But EIGHT grand??? Seems quite unreasonable to me.
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Just a couple questions...

Do you think that your aunt was “swindled” or do you think she is the swindler?

What type of prior arrangement do you have with your aunt regarding paying your mothers expenses when she’s with her?

Did your aunt mention anything about trying this supplement therapy before hand- and has she done anything like this before?

What are your mothers finances like - is $8,000. something she can easily afford?

Lastly - just what was this supplement? Has your aunt provided any information or proof that it might be effective - does she have receipts?
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Hope you didn’t pay
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I would say you are not responsible for the supplements as you did not authorize that expense nor have any advance knowledge of it.

I suspect your aunt will be upset but really!!! It sounds very self serving to me,
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