What has your experience been with Seroquel?


My aunt is in memory care and since the doctor upped her namenda she has been very agitated. She has always just cat napped but now she is constantly moving, taking things from other residents rooms, eating constantly, putting feces everywhere, putting stuff in toilets. I'm afraid for her. She needs sleep and some peace. Can the increase in namenda cause this? Will adding Seroquel help her to calm down? She's acting manic. Any insight would be helpful.

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My 92 year old mom has been on an extremely low dose of seroquel for a month in order to calm her anxiety since move to memory care - she falls asleep with it but since she's fallen many times I'm not inclined to use any of the typically prescribed drugs for agitation
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Have you discussed her behavior since the dose change with her doctor? That would be the first step.

Is her doctor suggesting Seroquel? Instead of or in addition to namenda?

Seroquel has been discussed on this forum a few times. I think a fair summary is to say that for some Seroquel was highly satisfactory, for some Seroquel was a nightmare, and for others it wasn't effective but it didn't seem to do any harm.

I think the only way you can really tell what it would do for your aunt is for her to try it. Under a doctor's supervision, of course. Even if it doesn't work, I have not heard that it causes any permanent damage.
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