My husband has been calling many, many attorneys, many return his call. One called when I was there, it was obvious he did not want to discuss anything when I was there. I asked what it was about, his reply: "It's complicated". He finally told me that he is going to "get rid of the POA". I asked if I was removed as POA who he would have, he said he would be his own POA and everything would be the way it should be. He said the atty. told him that "Joe", another atty. my husband knows had the plans for removing the POA and he would talk with him and call again. I called "Joe" who said he has no plans for removing the POA. Is it possible for my husband to contact an atty. who is not familiar with him, or is unethical, and convince him that the POA be revoked? I'm sure he got this idea either from his brother or sister.
This is giving me many sleepless nights.

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I am planning to contact an atty. I've already spent a lot of $ on attys. because of my husband's dementia, don't want to spend more, but am afraid I have no other choice. We have investments which are protected from him with my POA. Could he revoke my POA without any prior notice to me and remove all of the $ we have managed to invest? Could I, now, with the POA put the $ in the investment firm in my name only or at least 1/2 of it in my name only? I hope someone can give me good advice or if you have some experience or knowledge re: this, please, please let me know. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
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Maybe it's YOU who should be calling an attorney and finding out what to do about this. You need to protect yourself from a husband that can no longer make logical decisions.
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