My father is delusional can't handle is personal or financial affairs. Won't go back to his doctor thinks everyone is stealing from him. I called the hospital today to try and find my mother, I recorded a conversation with her where she has not idea what signed by the attorney and is very confused. I spoke to the social worker who was there the day the attorney arrived on her white horse. The social worker ask her if she had spoken to my fathers doctor about what he is going to sign over because they hospital doesn't think he was competent. The attorney said she did speak to my fathers doctors, the social worker said my mother wasn't competent but they both signed over revoking me as POA&MOA. Then the social worker said that the attorney immediately started talking to them about the most expensive place in the area they could move into. The social worker said my dad is so confused he didn't know where to start looking for the places to live. The social worker said they need 24 hour care their dementia has progressed.

I called my fathers doctor at the veteran's hospital in Richmond the doctor stated he never spoke to this attorney. I immediately reported her to the Virginia Bar Association. My parents were horrible parents but this attorney is a crooked savage snake who doesn't care about my parents. How many other persons has the unethical women done this too or will do this to in the future. She will not return the calls of my attorney in Texas who set up the Trust, or speak to me or return emails. My attorney says she can't sue me, and will have to stand before state board attorneys and defend herself.

After she was told her services were not longer needed my father said he did want to use her because he thought she was greedy. She called the house didn't know I was there. My father answered the phone while I was in the kitchen he said will hello Sheryl, "NO THERE'S NO ONE ELSE ON THE LINE. I jumper on the other line after that listened to her sweet talk and offer all kinds of services that would require my parents spending money for everything I'd already set in place. Shamelful behavior on her part, disgraceful!

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Yup. Sure sounds shameful. Good thing you've set the wheels in motion to try to expose her shady practices.
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