The husband of this cousin is the godparent of my children (the cousin was too), but the cousin has, through the years, manipulated my elderly mother in the following ways resulting in estrangement between my cousin and my other three sisters and myself. She was not in my father's will when he died several years ago, but my mother had the will changed leaving her in complete control. My mother, who can barely walk but whose mind is in good shape, proceeded to buy a pontoon boat at 84 years of age (manipulation of the cousin) and has her as guardian etc. in charge of her healthcare and finances. In addition, it can be documented that in the past the cousin was financially insolvent, had property seized by the IRS, borrowed money from me, had their son buy a house for them to live in, etc. In other words, my mother put someone who is sheisty in control of her finances. The cousin has very skillfully and subtlety isolated my mother's formerly close relationship with her biological daughters to the degree that only myself and my younger sister have minimal contact with my mother. My mother has avoided any discussions with us about her care, has kept her changing of the will hush-hush, has nothing of substance to say to any of her own children despite repeated efforts to be included in decision making regarding her care.
I attempted to visit the cousin last year, but was told by her that we had "divorced" and that she no longer wants a relationship. However, given all of this mess, I would like to do the proper thing for her husband who, through no fault of his, was a very nice person.

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