My dad follows me everywhere, room to room, and then at night is suspicious that I'm sneaking out of the house. I am primary caretaker. Around 5pm the creepy anger starts and the suspiciousness begins.

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Stages...I really don't like the stages categories. People do or do not do things in multiple stages so it can be difficult to pigeonhole people
My Husband followed me from early on, but we were very connected the entire time of our marriage so I expected this.
Shadowing, you are the one he trusts, you are his source of comfort. As all sorts of things become lost you are there, he knows that he can rely on you. For some this comes earlier than for others.
Sundowning again same thing, earlier for some. You can try to improve the situation. Change the lights, use a LED it is a cleaner light. Try to light the room so there are no shadows. Close blinds so the windows do not reflect back like mirrors. If your dad is on the same schedule going to bed follow the same schedule closing blinds so it is darker in his room even when the sun has not set. When days are short bring the lights up gently in his room, dimmers are great for this.
With the anger and suspicions, agitation during the sundowning talk to his doctor about anti anxiety medications, same with the shadowing.
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