She lost movement on her left side and she is incontinent.

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My mother is in a small assisted living facility where she is well cared for. She has severe dementia and heart disease. The ALF has only 12 residents. The owners work there and live close by. It is also secure. Each time I go they give me an update on how Mom is doing physically and emotionally. If she needs Hospice care, she can stay at the ALF. Mom was at a large ALF, but when the dementia became severe she was not getting good care. The referral agencies will not help you find the small (less expensive) ALFs. That, unfortunately, will be one more of the thousand things you will have to do.
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Thank you all for your kindness and powerful advice. We’re currently having her doing a second round of therapy (she was previously in a rehab for 3 months following her stroke in February). I’m thinking that unless she improves this time, I agree she should be in a skilled nursing facility. Again, thanks so much for your input!😀
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I agree with the previous posts. Your Mom is passed AL. The name says it all "assisted". ALs are not equipped to care for your Moms needs. LTC is what she needs.
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Your profile states that your mother lives in your home. When was the stroke? Was she in rehab (or is she still there now)? Are you the sole caregiver?
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I'm sorry that your mom had a stroke. It is a devastating blow to the body, as it takes away so many functions.

I doubt if your mom, with the level of care she needs, would be accepted into Assisted Living. Her needs are too great.

If she can't afford a Nursing Facility, she can apply for Medicaid or Medi-Cal in California. They will pay for custodial care.
Medicare is the senior health insurance and they won't pay for a NH.

Now would be the time to check out Nursing facilities and apply for Medicaid through your state.

This type of caregiving is way too much for one person to do at home. Please don't attempt it. Many times it takes 2 people to lift, turn, transfer or reposition a stroke victim. Don't hurt yourself.
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Deb, so sorry to read that your Mom had a stroke. Has she been though Rehab? Rehab can do amazing things to help stroke victims.

If Rehab wasn't successful, and Mom can no longer live by herself at home, and bringing in around the clock caregivers, 3-shifts which can be quite expensive, even if you are doing one shift.... then look into Assisted Living. It would depend if your Mom is accept to Assisted Living and if she can budget the monthly rent, as most Assisted Living is self-pay.

If Mom is unable to budget for Assisted Living, then the next thing would be a skilled nursing home. Mom can apply with Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] and if accepted, Medicaid will pay for her room, board, and care.
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Where I live she would qualify for a nursing home, unless she compensates very well I doubt an assisted living would take her.
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