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No one on this site compensates caregivers. This isn’t an employment board. Ultimately it is your parents responsibility to pay for their care, you can have a caregiver agreement drawn up by an attorney & you parents can pay you. If they can not afford to & are on Medicaid then they may be eligible for one of your states programs. We can’t tell you how much you will be paid, but it’s pretty much a given you will be paid minimum wage. You won’t be paid for 24/7 caregiving. The amount of hours will depend on your parents need. Realistically, you won’t be paid a livable wage and there will be no benefits-no insurance, paid time off. Holiday pay or over time.
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I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. Will you be caring for a family member? Are you expecting to get a set percentage of their income? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “income bracket”. Yours or their’s?

The way it usually works, if you are not employed by an agency, is that you draw up a caregiver agreement that lists what your duties will be. It’s a good idea to have this agreement drawn up by an attorney. At that time, you all decide what your salary will be and for what duties. I’m sorry if I misunderstand your question, but you don’t provide much detail.
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