At the nursing home my Mom is in her roommate is hospice. It seems to upset my mother. What can I do about this situation?


My Mother is sharing a room with someone who is hospice. Anyone can see that she is not going to be here long. It seems to upset my Mother and I want her moved. What can I do about this situation? I haven't talked to anyone about this yet and it seems like no one really cares.

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Barb- how sweet and perfectly handled. Kudos to brother.

I find if you just speak with director or charge nurses they will accommodate where they can. Keep in mind, it might be easier for your mom to move temporarily vs someone who is end of life situation. Hopefully your mom is willing to do that if needed.
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Dorothy, my mom was in a shared room when she went on hospice. My brother requested that roommate be moved. He spoke directly to roommate ( who had dementia). He told her that our mom was very sick and that he thought it would be better for her ( roommate) if she was elsewhere for a few days. He asked also if she'd like some ice cream.

A Cherries Jubilee sundae, and it was done. Facility was fine moving the roommate for a couple of days.

Is your mom's roommate close to death? I would speak up.
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Does this facility have private rooms? I've noticed that in our area in Michigan many of the SNFs have gone to private rooms, as have those with palliative or hospice care in their senior health care complex.

I think the first step though is to ask about getting a different room, while also inquiring about private rooms. You described this as a nursing home. Does it have other functions, i.e., rehab, and are there other wings on which your mother could be placed? Also, is your mother there for long term treatment?

These issues might be something to explore now in the event that you need to make a change and find another facility.

Sorry - didn't read your profile before answering. Is your mother in memory care in the nursing home? I don't know anything about memory care rooms, but others might, and could give you a better idea of whether or not private rooms are available.
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Dorothy, you need to chat with Admin to see if there is a possibility that the roommate can be moved to a private room. You won't know until you ask.

Hope everything works out. Let us know what happens.
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