At stage 4 Primary Biliary Cirrhosis with ascites. How long are you bedridden before death?

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As a nurse working in a hospital, an answer to that question is unfortunately impossible. I have seen many patients, including hospice patients, decline at such various rates. A lot of it depends on the state of mind of the patient. Are they holding onto life or are they willing to let go? If you want your loved one to be at peace, you may want to look into allowing them to say their goodbyes. This is what we did with my grandfather when he was in critical condition and when we left, he passed away peacefully. Of course all of this depends on how far along their condition really is. I agree that hospice is a great resource.
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My sister died from this. She was never really bedridden until she was comatose. Hope your loved one is doing ok?
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Hi Jrlp
I think this would depend on the patient. Is your loved one on hospice? If so I think they might be able to help you with your questions.
If they are not on hospice, you might want to look into it. One doesn’t have to be bedridden to have or benefit from hospice.
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We are not physicians here - only caregivers. This is a question for a physician.

Best wishes...
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