Are Assisted Living self-pay monthly premiums tax deductible at the end of the year?

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It would seem that the government would allow a portion of Institutional self-pay premiums to be tax deductible. Does anyone know. She has a moderate income under $35K a year.

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I would not think so rent is not tax deductable but I am sure others will be able to give you an answer.
Yes, they are. My mother's is 100 percent tax deductible being in memory care and my dad's is 35.4 percent in assisted living. Your facility will give you that info when you need to file taxes.
Noles thank you for that information I am sure it will help many others who have questions about that subject.
My accountant said it isn't. I hope he is wrong in case mom does end up in a facility.
Anyone else know for sure?
In addition, is private pay for skilled nursing care tax deductible?
In the case of my husband, it was because assisted living was ordered by his doctor. He suffered from chronic depression all his life and the doctor felt that assisted living would provide the socialization he needed. He was right and his rent and all expenses became tax deductible as part of his treatment.
Gemma. That is very interesting. I hope that is the case with other doctors willing to do this. I'm going to ask my accountant to check into this. Would be a great tax saving.
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Just checked last year's tax return. The percentage is actually 38.5 for ALF. I also was able to submit all the pharmacy, dental and medical bills. Do not know the formula for that but at least there is some tax deduction. I cannot imagine it not being the same all over the country. We have submitted this the same way for five years and there was never a question.
You should check with an accountant, but typically, if your mom has been told by her doctor that she needs help with some of the "activities of daily living", some portion of her rent is deductible.
Medicial bills are allowed for deduction up to an amount I think about $700.00 or so-I have an accountant do mine so he knows I just include all of them in my worksheet also some insurance payments are allowed.

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